217 Buena Vista Street, Alta Iowa - Christmas Open House

Do you know what an Italianate Victorian home is, would you like to see one? Come by 217 Buena Vista Street in Alta this Saturday between 2 and 5 and take a look at this gorgeous home. It will be decorated for Christmas and we will be serving hot cider and of course Christmas cookies. I have the very lovely and talented Bonnie Lewis helping me with this project and she came up with the brilliant idea of holding the open house in formal attire. No we aren't going to be dressed as 2 Mrs. Claus. It should be a great time for all, if this Saturday doesn't work for you give me a call and I will set-up a tour at a time that is more convenient.

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Silver Lining to this Housing Market - Yes Indeed!

Home prices are coming down and so are interest rates. That is a very good turn of events for potential home buyers. The difference between now and 2 years ago, it is much harder to qualify for a mortgage. Two years ago if you had a heart beat you could get a mortgage, no verifications of income or assets needed. If you are a potential first time home buyer - even better! You will need an income, good credit, a good down payment and your own closing costs.
The criteria listed above is not a bad thing, it is a very good thing. If you are preparing to buy a home you will need at the least fair money management skills. Keeping a job, saving for a down payment, paying your bills on time, living within a budget and planning for the future are all prerequisites for being a mature responsible member of society.
If you are one of those members of society now is quite possibly the best time of your life to buy a home.

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