Introducing Katie Abigayle, our 1st Grandchild, and she is grand! A head full of hair and a little round face and it is love at first sight, actually it was love as soon as we found out about her on New Years Eve.

Far right is Katie and Dad, then Katie and Mom and finally Katie and Papaw

New Storm Lake Conference Center, Restrauant and Water Park Open for Business

The AWAYSIS Project is full steam ahead, the water park is open both inside and outside as are the conference center, restaurant and hotel.

The outdoor water park is awesome - if you haven't been there you are missing out. Young and young at heart are trying out the slides. If you are feeling more sedate (chicken) they have provided an area just for swiming both inside and out, but WHY not try the slides just once, you'll be hooked?

The Regetta Grill restaurant has very good food, I felt the service was a bit slow but there may be a method to that and the view makes the service well worth the wait. Having experienced both lunch and dinner a word of advice - make a reservation if there are more than 2 people.

Check out the elegant modern lobby furnishings, very sophisticated with a hint of the 1940's.

On a separate note, the new condo project across the street to the east from King's Pointe is showing signs of life. Huge concrete pillars have emerged from the golf course, I can't wait to see what comes next. A number of these condo's have been spoken for, if you are interested in a condo home on Storm Lake give me a call. A number of floor plans and upgrades are available prior to development.

CNN Money has Storm Lake listed as No. 22 on its Most Affordable Places to Live

WOW!, Storm Lake Iowa home market on CNNMoney!
I am impressed, they have us listed at No. 22, this article will be a huge boost to our local housing market, although our local housing market is very strong compared with the national market. Small towns usually benefit greatly from inclusion in this type of press. It should get more people to view information about our town Storm Lake and see the new developments (AWAYSIS, Kings Pointe, Local Photos, Marina, Dredging Project, new school, and lots more) Check out the CNNMoney website article by Jeff Cox, by clicking on the link below or on the article title.
Let me know what you think of about this article. How do you feel the local housing market is doing and should Storm Lake been included?