New Storm Lake MLS Market Report

Storm Lake MLS
Market Statistics - 9/30/09

Storm Lake
Available Residential Properties - 60 homes
Properties with offers - 20
Sold in last 30 days - 8 homes

Available Residential Properties - 10 homes
Properties with Offers - 1
Sold in last 30 days - 5

Storm Lake and Alta real estate especially homes are listing and selling, waiting till "the market improves" DOES NOT APPLY to our market. I have a great investor property for a first time home or for someone who can do some improving for $54,000 on Main Street in Alta!

A personal note, I am not just a Realtor, my husband and I are real estate investors too and we are buying property, we just sold an investment property to a first time home buyer (Congratulations Ali on getting into your first home and qualifying for the tax credit).

Information taken from the Storm Lake MLS.

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Weekly Storm Lake Iowa MLS Market Report

Storm Lake MLS
Market Statistics - 9/23/09

Storm Lake
Available Residential Properties - 61 homes
Properties with offers - 9
Sold in last 30 days - 15 homes

Available Residential Properties - 15 homes
Properties with Offers - 2
Sold in last 30 days - 8

Storm Lake and Alta properties are listing and selling, waiting till "the market improves" DOES NOT APPLY to our market. Personally as a real estate investor, I am buying and selling. 4 Closings this month so far, I have 5 scheduled!

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Town Allowing Sidewalks to be Removed - What's Your Opinion?

Alta is allowing property owners to remove sidewalks in town. No sidewalks is a problem if you are handicapped, I think it could lead to some accessibility problems for the city when it comes to their streets and the ADA. Limited accessibility is usually seen as a negative for people looking to move to an area; right now Alta has a strong real estate market when the rest of the nation is struggling.
No sidewalks is a big problem, we are in northwest Iowa, we get a lot of snow and many children still walk to school. What about the very small children who ride on toys in front of homes, where are they suppose to go - the street? Groups of women walk for exercise in the early evening, older couples walk in the mornings, walking in the street is not safe at any age. Remember last winter's ice, I do, my car hit another because it wouldn't stop and no I was not speeding. When I got out I nearly fell down because the street was so icy. I hope to be talking to the Alta City Council October 5th about this, if you have an opinion please comment or come to the meeting.
Thank you


New Credit Score Rules

FICO 08 are the new guidelines that refer to the new credit scoring. Already, 2 of the reporting agencies, Equifax and Trans Union have started using the new reporting.

The impact of the changes for someone with good credit could be a slight increase in score, if you have some problems your score could drop. Small collections under $100do not count on your score, and some late payments will not hurt you as much if you have other accounts that are current. Like the old system a lot of late payments will drop your score.
As a Realtor I see a lot of credit scores that need work, the way to keep your score in good shape, check your reports at least once a year and twice is best. Pay all bills at least on time and at best early. Do not carry a lot of debt, if you can't pay off a credit card DON'T use credit until you can. Inability to pay off credit cards monthly is a big red flag that you are living over your means and when you do that you are headed for trouble.
Watch for a change in your credit card billing the end of February 2010, and already in effect banks can not give you less than 45 days notice if your interest rates are to change and all credit card statements must be mailed to you at least 21 days before your payment is due.

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Tax Credit Raised to $15,000 Proposed

Tax Credit Raised to $15,000 with out limits!! Proposed
Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2009 - 64 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]
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There is legislation in both the Senate and the House that would expand the tax credit. A proposal by Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., would raise the credit amount to a maximum of $15,000 for any buyer of any home over the next year. It would remove the income caps that currently apply (those limits are now $75,000 for an individual and $150,000 on couples).

"I think we've got a realistic chance of doing this," Isakson says. "Our problem is not with the first-time home buyer, it's the move-up buyer."

Lawrence Yun, chief economist at NAR, says extending or raising the tax credit would spur the housing recovery, which in turn would help bolster the economy.

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The Internet Strategist

This is a great article on how to use social media. Check it out!

The Internet Strategist

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Another Storm Lake, Iowa Rural Property for Sale

6275 170th Avenue, Storm Lake, Iowa is a nice rural property with a 3 bedroom older home, lots of mature trees, fruit trees, perennial flowers, large outdoor entertaining space, a number of out buildings including a large barn with 3 separate areas (2 have concrete flooring and one has pea gravel). Check out the video of the home.
It is not too late to qualify for the first time home buyers tax credit, call me to take a look at this rural home.

This property is located in the Storm Lake Iowa area, just off Highway 7. Storm Lake Iowa is a great area that has a destination part, King's Pointe, a recreational lake, shopping, http://www.bvu.edu/, Buena Vista Regional Hospital, The Pilot Tribune newspaper and the Storm Lake Times Newspaper, a community calendar

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