Do You Have an Adjusting ARM? How do you know if You Qualify for Help

If you have gotten caught in the adjusting ARM nightmare, there is hope. Follow the link in the title to see if you qualify for the assistance program. Don't just stick your head in the sand! If you have missed one payment you may still qualify. Contact your lending institution or the company that services your loan and call 1-888-995-HOPE, which provides counseling to homeowners with mortgage problems.
There is HOPE, the best defense against getting into trouble is to educate yourself and don't keep your knowledge to yourself, pass it on.

Realtors and Consumers The Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Needs Your Support

Sen. Christopher Dodd is expected today to introduce a bill that would require mortgage lenders to issue only loans that are beneficial to borrowers and that borrowers are able to repay. What a novel idea - What, you thought the banking industry had your best interests at heart????

This bill seeks better loans for consumers. The proposal by the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee would not only force mortgage lenders to act in the best interest of borrowers, it also would expose Wall Street firms to lawsuits (IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!) as well as bar subprime mortgage lending practices such as prepayment penalties and yield spread premiums, (this should not be how a mortgage broker gets paid) can anyone say Major Conflict of Interest???
Dodd's proposal is in some ways similar to one from Rep. Barney Frank, which passed in the House by a wide margin in November.

Mortgage companies and banks are expected to come out in force against Dodd's bill. Really? well you as an American consumer can help get this measure in place ----CALL YOUR BANK, MORTGAGE COMPANY, SENATOR AND YELL - Get this legislation passed and implemented. "I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Going to Take it ANYMORE!"

Click on the title to link to Reuters article on the bill