New Real Estate Brokerage Opening October 29th - Alta Iowa

It is finally done, I go to state tomorrow with my Associate Broker's license and come back a Broker Owner! I am excited and very thnakful to all of you who encouraged me and believe in me. You know who you are, I will be forever in your debt. And I would also like to thank my previous broker Joe Aube, for being great about this decision and for creating an environment that encouraged me to be what I needed to be.
Expected office opening date is October 29th, 2009
Office Location is in ALTA!
My biggest goal, of course, is customer service like has never been experienced in this area. Stay tuned :)

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Storm Lake IA MLS Weekly Real Estate Market Report


Storm Lake MLS

Market Statistics -10/7/09

Storm Lake
Available Residential Properties - 67 homes

Properties with offers -6

Sold in last 30 days - 8 homes

Available Residential Properties -16 homes

Properties with Offers - 0

Sold in last 30 days -6

Storm Lake Iowa and Alta Iowa properties are

listing and selling, our market is very strong. Information taken from the Storm LakeMLS.

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