Loss of a Peer

Today we lost a peer, a broker from our town, mls and board. It is always a wake-up call when someone you work with or know dies unexpectedly. This loss was one of those, Clara Stanley was the Broker Owner for Stanley Real Estate. We as Realtors don't always get along but when we lose one of our own we tend to close ranks and for a brief time come together as a united force. It is a shame we aren't always working together and I am just as guilty as anyone. I hope in the future I will bear in mind what words I say, what thoughts I think and especially what my actions say to others because I know it could be the last thing that person hears.
Clara will be missed, she was a very unique person who did things her own way.

Georgia A. Weaver BS Ed, GRI CRS
President of the United Counties Board of Realtors

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