Congratulations Joan Ballantyne on Receiving the L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award

Joan Ballantyne Congratulations on Receiving the L. Martin Lee Political Involvement Award

According to the IOWA REALTOR BENCHMARK, Joan Ballantyne was awarded the L. Martin Political Involvement Award at the Convention by L. Martin Lee himself. The article mentions Joan's extensive service to the Association in the local, state and national levels. I would personally like to thank Joan for all her work and advice as a member of the United Counties Board of Realtors. Joan is a resource for issues and provides ideas and answers to relatively new Broker Owners like myself and to seasoned ones alike.

Joan, discovering your wisdom, your way with people and your understandings of how things work was a well spring and encouragement for me personally as a Broker Owner and Realtor. I can't speak for the entire board but I am in debt to you and admire your ability and wisdom in dealing with people, helping organizations function to the benefit of all members and to your willingness to step up and step in and to stay the course in the storms.

Thank you Joan


Georgia A. Weaver

Broker Owner

Weaver LLC Realtors

113 Main St., Suite 3

Alta, Iowa 51002

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