The coolest thing since peanutbutter and jelly

Confused about all those energy efficient light bulbs - I'm sure I bought some last year for our ceiling fans that said they would last for 7 years, I need to replace them. Oh well, I need to keep up with the packages and info on stuff better - yea right, like I don't have 500 other really important things to attend to. Like what the Blizzard of the month is.

I did a search to see what kind of superbulbs were out there, that's when I saw it - the GEOBULB! That's a new bulb out that will not only save a lot but will last for 12 years - yes, keep up with the info. I'd put it in the safe deposit box we have at the bank. Laugh, I know you are secretly thinking about doing the same thing.

This Geo Bulb - yea that's what it's called, it doesn't get hot, it give off good light (it's LED) who knows how much you'll save not buying bulbs for 12 years or taking the chance of falling off ladders or chairs a couple of times a year . I'm thinking I'm going to go get enough for our whole house - that's about 87, take a day off (or maybe a week) and replace them all. That way I don't have to worry about it for another 11.99 years - gee thats 2018! Check out http://www.ccrane.com/ for the scoop.

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Owais Qureshi said...

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