If you are a smoker and want to sell your home - read this to save thousands!

The acrid smell of smoke in a home is a big turn-off, it is also very hard to remove. Most people will try to cover it with deodorizing sprays, candles, etc... Not a good idea. Most of theses products don't work, they add to the odor and 33% of the American population are allergic to most of these products.
If you smoked in your home and want to sell it for top dollar you will have to permanently remove the smoke smell. How, that's the hard part - yes you will have to have the carpets and drapes cleaned professionally and replace the furnace filter about every 10 days until cleaning process is complete - but that is not enough.
All surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned with a product like TSP (go to a paint store, they sell it and can tell you how to use it) and painted surfaces cleaned reprimed and painted with a stain and odor blocking product like Kilz. Check after this process to see if you still have an odor problem - have someone who does not smoke check the home - like your Realtor. If there is still a problem you may have to have the carpet replaced.
A house with an odor problem, like smoke or pet will not bring top price - it may not even bring in any offers depending on the market and how the home is positioned for price.
Take Away - don't smoke it costs a lot of money en a lot of areas of your life!

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