Staged to Sell - In a Tough Market it's Essential

According to a survey completed by StagedHomes.com, homes that were staged sold for an average of 6.9% more than ones that weren't. That survey was completed before the foreclosure crunch began. In my opinion, it is much more important now to stage all homes, because there are fewer buyers (due to increased difficulty in attaining a mortgage) the number of homes on the market has increased. It's the old rule of supply and demand.

In our local area - Storm Lake Iowa, there are several options to staging a home. Your Realtor should know a lot about staging and either be able to assist you or put you in contact with people and companies who stage. Stagers in Storm Lake Iowa include possibly your Realtor, Elements, and the new Furniture and Flooring store close to Hwy 71. Prices vary greatly so first talk to your Realtor, staging must be complete prior to having the property listed and pictures taken.

Remember over 80% of ALL buyers go on-line to check out houses before they contact a Realtor to see any thing. Never allow a Realtor to list your home without having pictures to be put online. A property on the mls without a picture could cost you a buyer.

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