10 Ways to Cut Costs in the Current Market

The headlines are all gloom and doom, I am tired of reading them and I'm tired of seeing all the political mud slinging. I am making my own good news that will just maybe help someone else have a better day. I love helping sellers, buyers and investors but I have found ways to reduce my costs and in the process maybe improve my health and improve my business.

Below are ways I am saving money in my life and in my business. Please add others you are using to get a better grasp of your budget.

1) No Chi Tea in the morning - saving about $11.00 a week

2) Cut eating out by 2/3 - my husband and I both work long hours and it seemed like eating out was a necessity. It isn't - approximate savings a week $80.00

3) Packing both of our lunches - eating better and saving about $65.00 a week

4) Caffeine boost of 2 sodas a day - healthier diet and saving about $50.00 a week

5) Planning my showings better to save gas. Unknown savings at this point but I drive a Toyota Solara and get about 24 miles to the gallon.

6) On days I do not have office appointments or floor time I work at home. I live about 4.5 miles from my office but I do go home to share my lunch (with a small buy mighty chihuahua named Spike) and then back. Round trip for a normal day about 18 miles. About $3.25 in gas a week, not a lot but it all adds up.

7) Programmable thermostat in our home, we have moved and have propane for the furnace fuel. I have never had this type of heat but our previous home had 2 programmable thermostats and I really liked having the ability to manage the temperature when I wasn't home or when sleeping. Unknown savings, industry estimate is about $120.00 a year. Living in Iowa, in Blizzard Alley on the Buffalo Ridge I imagine we will save a lot more than that.

8) I have hired a service to do my mailings, they also do the postage. I don't have to take the time to write, place postage or mail the info. Estimated hours saved that can be used for other prospecting 3 a week. That is 3 I can be on the phone staying in touch or doing other more immediate contacting.

9) Reviewed my advertising for 09, refined and focused it. I didn't renew some, at a savings of about $25.00 a week.

10) Read more marketing books, blogs, checkout websites of competitors, learn more about SEO so I can implement it more efficiently and not have to pay a service. Knowledge of how to do something is abetter investment than paying to have it done in some instances. Currently, I do my own website and SEO but I have been seriously looking into having it done in 09. Cost savings in 09 will be $175 a month.

Anyone else out there have any ideas?

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