Free Home Inventory Forms

All home owners and renters should have at the very least paper copies of a home inventory and it should be stored away from the home. A video or picture documentation and the receipt is even better but it is good to have something. I wondered how many Iowans that were impacted by the flooding Mississippi had the documentation they needed to file claims with their insurance companies. If you don't have records of what you own go to this link and print off these forms. Take the time to record what you have, it took a long time to be able to earn enough to purchase those things and yes you probably have insurance.

It is helpful to keep this current at least once a year, why not at New Year's time. We get things that need to be insured at that time of year and the camera is handy. Record the info., snap a picture (you do need to print it) attach the receipt if you have it and put it all in the BIG envelope you keep IN THE SAFE DEPOSIT BOX, take the envelope to the safe deposit box and you are done.

The perfect time to begin a home inventory is when you are moving, you have to pack it, why not document it?

If you have older parents it is a good idea to help them do a complete inventory, a video camera is a big help too. Hey it can be fun, spend some time together and get a good deed done.


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