Free Rental Listings for Residential Property in Alta and Storm Lake Iowa

Our office has a list of some local landlords and we give it out to anyone who comes in and askes for it. Renters can look in the newspaper, talk to the Chamber of Commerce but there isn't a one stop shop for all rental property available in Storm lake and Alta. That's a big problem if you need somewhere to live or if you have a property to rent.

As you know I am a landlord (par excellence, I might add) and I have been frustrated with the existing mish-mash system so I have a solution. Best of all it is free to local residential landlords!

My real estate website www.SLRealtyCheck.com is building a page with all local landlord info, if you would like to be added send me the following information:

  • Your name, phone number and email if you want to receive requests online ( yes, you need to check it more than once a month!)
  • Location of rentals (Alta and Storm Lake only)
  • Types of rentals, ie houses, apartments, acerages, bedrooms and baths
  • Pets and smoking - allowed or not


Georgia Weaver, XXX-XXX-XXXX, Georgia@SLRealtyCheck.com

Location - Alta

Types - 3 apartments(1-2Br, 2-1Br, 1 ba each) 1 house (3-4 Br, 1.5 ba)

No pets or tobacco any of our properties

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Ginni said...

I just found your website, thanks for the landlord numbers and info. I have been looking for a nice place for almost 2 weeks.