2 - Alta Iowa, Main Street Revitalization Projects

Two projects are planned by yours truly to be completed this year. They will be done simutaneously and both will improve Main Street in Alta. This is the way we like to invest, we make a difference while we make a living - it doesn't get better than that!!!
The projects are both commercial - one is a 4 plex and the other is an old building (the former ROCK) that will become a great new and much needed modern laundry.
The four plex will become a 3 plex (residential - 2-2 bedroom apts and 1-1 Bedroom apt)and the remaining apartment (street level front)will become a professional office.
We will blog the entire process for each building including before and after pictures.
Both my husband and I enjoy teaching real estate investors but it is hard to teach what we do in the constraints of a classroom. I've been to a lot of houses and buildings with your guys to discuss project possibilities and I love to help you dream and build those dreams. Ronnie and I thought these 2 projects would be wonderful unique opportunities to let you look over our shoulders and probably do a lot of laughing with us and at us as we climb this mountain together.


Bernie said...

I can't wait to see how the Alta projects go, you guys do amazing things with real estate! When I get a little more courage I'll make the plunge - thanks for the blog and for working with me on Buena Vista property analysis. I will check in daily.

Tim Bonners said...

A Blog for real estate in Storm Lake - no way! Great info. I'll spread the word, looking forward to more projects.