4-Plex Project in Alta - 1st apartment RENTED!!!

Number one is complete, as usual we pushed it to the very last minute. Somehow I always budget enough time, plus some but we manage to use it all. Normally we would begin advertising about 30 days prior to completion, but these guys came in my office and needed just what we had. This apartment was never advertised and we try to secure tenants by word of mouth. They seem to be just plain better tenants when they are referred from someone we know - but the same rules apply to everyone. The tenants are now enjoying the new paint, new cabinet doors, added bedroom and bathroom, new dishwasher, new appliances, new lighting, new shower, new doors, and a lot more.
For me personally, I am glad it is done. Taking a week off and then on to demolition for number 2 and 3!

Check back for pictures, they will be posted asap.

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