Harmony Hill - Proposed Residential Development in Alta

Adeline Peters, one of Alta's leading ladies is at it again. She has proposed a new residential housing development - Harmony Hill. The initial phase of Harmony Hill is composed of 26 building lots, the proposed site is the corn field south of Addie's home. The project is approximately 37-38 acres, the average size of the lots is 1/3 of an acre.

Gary Armstrong of the law firm Mack Hansen Gadd Armstrong and Brown PC, represents Addie; she has retained Mike Michaelson as the Project Manager and the Realtors Joe Aube and Georgia Weaver (both of Alta) make up the Marketing Team.

Addie and the team met with the Alta City Council Monday evening and a meeting with the Alta Utility board will take place Tuesday at 4:00. The City Council's posture toward the proposed development was very positive. Alta has a strong real estate market - with houses selling within days of listing. The homes in the proposed development will benefit the city of Alta in numerous ways: increase in needed tax dollars, additional children for the Alta School System, increase funding to the Alta School System, increase patronage to Alta's business and who knows, maybe even help spark a new grocery store project.

Addie is an outstanding member of the Alta community, very forward thinking and a treasure to know. She has decided to do this project on her own with the help of a team of local talent.
You go ADDIE!

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