Ethanol Company Merger

Verasun to acquire US BioEnergy - are we about to see the ethanol companies merge into 2 or 3 mega ethanol companies as we have observed in the livestock production industry and the grocery business? If that happens is that a good thing? So much bad press by uneducated people claiming ethanol production has pushed up the prices of everything, I wonder what will come of this news. Check out the news links below:




Let me know what you think, I am obviously a proponent of alternative energy especially ethanol and wind power. Yea, I know we have a bizillion mega tons of coal and gallons of oil - I do have a degree in Science - but just because we have a limited supply doesn't mean we need to stick our heads in the sand.

We need to get off our butts and stop depending on the addictive fossil fuels including oil. Gee, if we didn't need their oil what do you think we would have done to you know who? Car makers, get your game together and produce what we all know you already have - efficient vehicles! 20-30 miles a gallon; get real and give us 40-60 miles a gallon - and make that gallon green and completely renewable.
Ok, I'm glad that's out!

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