Buena Vista County - The Tax Man is Coming to Your Home!

The B.V. County Assessor announced November 13th that they will be doing door-to-door inspections of all residential properties beginning on Nov 1st. Hum, maybe the notice should have been given in October, Oh well. The reappraisal should end by December 2008 and go into effect January 2009. I want to be on the record stating that I am not opposed to paying a fair share for government, taxes should be for the safety and improvement of our societies. However, I don't believe in wasting money - both my husband and I work hard as I'm sure you do.

What does this mean for you; properties have been selling rapidly and have increased in value significantly over the last 3 years, especially in Alta. Have you done any remodeling work to your property, it could mean higher taxes. If your property is in poor condition it could mean lower taxes, but I suspect that overall the taxes will not go down. The type of information the Assessors will be collecting include: construction type, physical condition of the property, age of the structures, type of interior finish, and exterior measurements.

No, it won't matter if you are home or not, I think the Assessor will notify the target neighborhoods prior to sending our personnel.

In Spring of 2009 the owners will be able to meet with and discuss their revaluation and the new assessments. Mark this date on your calendar - in red! If you receive an evaluation that is higher than you think your home could sell for in a reasonable amount of time (90 days) call me, your Realtor. I have the ability to do an extensive CMA (competitive market analysis) to determine a range of where your property should sell. If this amount is considerably lower than the value your property has appraised at you may be able to dispute it and have the appraised value lowered.

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