Fire - Enough Insurance?

Everyone's read about or seen the fires in California in the past several months. It was brought very near to me a couple of weeks ago. We had a fire - and we don't live in California. We were so blessed, it occurred when I was home and, had 2 electricians in the house, which by the way is over 100 years old and dry as a bone!
How many of the houses destroyed in California had enough insurance to be replaced - according to the California Dept of Insurance as many as 40% of them didn't. I'm not worried - I have full coverage insurance on my home, you say, well did you know that full coverage insurance doesn't guarantee replacement cost?
Might be a good time to give your insurance agent a call and say, "I want to make sure I have the right kind and enough insurance to rebuild my home if it is destroyed - and Oh, by the way can you make it competitive :>) Thanks so MUCH!

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