New Storm Lake MLS Market Report

Storm Lake MLS
Market Statistics - 9/30/09

Storm Lake
Available Residential Properties - 60 homes
Properties with offers - 20
Sold in last 30 days - 8 homes

Available Residential Properties - 10 homes
Properties with Offers - 1
Sold in last 30 days - 5

Storm Lake and Alta real estate especially homes are listing and selling, waiting till "the market improves" DOES NOT APPLY to our market. I have a great investor property for a first time home or for someone who can do some improving for $54,000 on Main Street in Alta!

A personal note, I am not just a Realtor, my husband and I are real estate investors too and we are buying property, we just sold an investment property to a first time home buyer (Congratulations Ali on getting into your first home and qualifying for the tax credit).

Information taken from the Storm Lake MLS.

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