Town Allowing Sidewalks to be Removed - What's Your Opinion?

Alta is allowing property owners to remove sidewalks in town. No sidewalks is a problem if you are handicapped, I think it could lead to some accessibility problems for the city when it comes to their streets and the ADA. Limited accessibility is usually seen as a negative for people looking to move to an area; right now Alta has a strong real estate market when the rest of the nation is struggling.
No sidewalks is a big problem, we are in northwest Iowa, we get a lot of snow and many children still walk to school. What about the very small children who ride on toys in front of homes, where are they suppose to go - the street? Groups of women walk for exercise in the early evening, older couples walk in the mornings, walking in the street is not safe at any age. Remember last winter's ice, I do, my car hit another because it wouldn't stop and no I was not speeding. When I got out I nearly fell down because the street was so icy. I hope to be talking to the Alta City Council October 5th about this, if you have an opinion please comment or come to the meeting.
Thank you

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