15 Minute CleanUp for Every Room

Need some cleaning help - we all do! Most of us work fulltime, have a family, have a yard, friends, church, children have activities, stc..... time spent cleaning is usually time taken away from some other pleasurable activity (say kayaking). This is a great article, I use the info weekly, I send it to my clients to help them get ready to list and to keep their home show ready without becoming a slave to their home.

I also use it in my home, I am a fulltime+ Realtor, part owner and full time worker in our renovation business, slave to a large yard with lots of flowers, owner of a 100+ year home, Mother of 2 sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law, active in the church and community, my family lives half way across the country, need I say more? Any and all help I can get is very appreciated!

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