Real Estate Investor Links

New to real estate investing - check out these links, articles and additional blogs. Add these to your favorite list to keep you in tune with what's going on in this great area of investing.

One site I really like for the down home way it comes across is www.realestateinvestingfixers.com lots of before and afters and very good info on how they did it. Another is www.biggerpockets.com, it has so much info you could get the equivalent of a Real Estate Investor associate degree in about 2 weeks - just kidding.

Every real estate investor is in search of a really good tax advisor - check out this web site www.realestateinvestingtax.com. Lots of good info you need to know including 1031 exchange and how it works!

Rather see a video or download to your iPod (I love this, I can listen while I drive, cook or walk Spike) every week a new topic, go to www.getrealrei.com - great short teaching modules, a blog to search for info you need to know, ask a question and a lot more.

Great article on predatory lending http://www.mortgagelowdown.com/2007/02/will_the_suitab.html

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