Notice: Storm Lake Foreclosure that may be a good Investor Property

New Foreclosure that could be a good investor purchase:
Address 1713 Tupil Lane
Plantiff: Central Bank (Local bank - easier negotiations, faster response)
Defendant: see notice at http://www.stormlake.com/ page 5C or get a copy at the Sheriffs office
To go to the Buena Vista Assessor's link click on the article's title
Sale July 10th - downstairs in Buena Vista County Sheriffs office (court house)
Judgement approximately $17,500, but see actual notice

Property assessed at $61,020

Could be an excellent buy, need an attorney to ensure there are no liens or judgements recorded against the current owners.

My Personal strategy: After I get the go ahead from my attorney I would go directly to the sellers and buy it before the sale. At this price you could even afford to give the Sellers something on top of getting them out of a foreclosure. A little extra money is a good incentive to have them clean up the property prior to moving out and it can help them get a new start without the black mark of foreclosure on their credit report.

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