Aurelia Iowa - Next Big Real Estate Investor Spot

Aurelia is 13.1 miles from Storm Lake, 8.1 miles from Cherokee and 7.2 miles from Alta. The real estate market is slow slow slow! A number of houses have been on the market over a year, several apartment buildings are available. Need I mention the new ethanol plant slated for fall - contractors need places to live, employees also need homes.
Shown at left is the dining room of a 3 bedroom, completely remodeled, ranch home with a 2 car garage and shop - listed for $62,000!
So, you say, if it's such a good deal why haven't you invested there? Only one reason, we have two projects inb the works - a 4-plex that is a complete remodel and a laundrymat. Need I say more?
Money is still pretty cheap, so if you want to begin investing check out some of the Real Estate Investor tools and take a drive to Aurelia. Call me if I can help!

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