Negotiate Your Closing Costs

Did you know most people including many Realtors don't know what all the charges that makeup closing costs really are and that they are negotiable? What are those charges for; they are usually a minimum of 3% of your loan that's $4,500 for a $150,000 loan- shouldn't you ask what they're for?

After receiving your Good Faith Estimate (this comes from the bank approximately 2 business days after you have an accepted offer on a property and the bank has been sent a copy of the completed contract. It is not your preapproval or prequalification information.

Ask your Realtor if they go over the Good Faith Estimate to help you understand the charges or if they will go into the bank with you to negotiate your closing costs. If they won't, look for another Realtor. Check out this article, it is excellent just click on the title!

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