10 Small Fixes Bring Big $$$ Rewards When Selling Your Home

Think you home is ready to sell - checkout the list of 10 small fixes
1) Remove old calk from tub, shower sinks etc, super clean and dry the area, recalk
2) Clean your stainless sink till it sparkles
3) Clean all bath fixtures until they sparkle
4) Check all floor corners - be sure they are clean
5) Trim all landscaping, especially around walks, beds and trees for a well taken care of look
6) Clean all windows until they sparkle, clean inside window sills too
7) Buy some Old English Oil, it comes in light and dark - go over your woodwork, it will look great and smell great
8)Paint unfinished basement walls white
9) Clean gutters
10) Place blooming plants (vibrant colors like rich red or deep orange) in strategic places inside and out.

These 10 tips will help you sell assuming your home has been accurately prices with the use of a Realtor and a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).

Call me to look at your home, together we will get it in the best shape to sell in the shortest time and for the highest price! Direct: 712-574-5426

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